Top 5 Most In Demand IT Skills For 2015/2016

1. SQL:

According to Codingdojo SQL topped the list of the most in demand programming language of 2015. On our own STEM Graduate website, it was the 4th most popular ‘essential’ or ‘desirable’ skill listed on all of our IT jobs. As the standard language for relational database management systems and Android Applications, it’s hardly surprising how in demand it really is, and with the new release of the SQL Server 2016 from Microsoft, we really can’t see any signs of this changing.

2. Java:

Well established and respected, Java was the second most in demand. It is simplistic, independent and reliable and as a result has not only stood the test of time but is used by major corporations such as Netflix and Twitter. A foundational tool for creating and running applications, this cornerstone programming language will also remain in high demand in 2016.

3. JavaScript:

Third in demand was JavaScript. Less foundational than Java and SQL JavaScript is most popular for developing an interactive user experience. According to Mashable, JavaScript is only going to grow in popularity, ‘More organizations are trying to understand their customer better and deliver products and services that meet their specific needs… JavaScript will be used more and more.’

4. C#:

The most ‘essential’ or ‘desirable’ skill listed in our jobs on our site in 2015 was C#. Although relatively new it is also a skill most of our Candidates refer to as their strongest. Our Candidates who know C# tend to have knowledge and understanding of C++, which it is based on, and Java. The object-oriented programming language is fully compatible with .NET and is set to potentially grow in popularity in 2016.

5. C++:

This language was second on our STEM Graduates list for popularity in our job titles, and 5th most in demand in 2015 according to Codingdojo. Considered to be an intermediate level language most popular with client-server applications and drivers it is a foundational language and known for its high speed making it perfect for game engines and financial systems where speed is of paramount importance. C++ is a language most Computer Science students will be more than familiar with and it remains a good one to know.


So, not much change for 2016- but it might be worth branching out of your foundational languages and trying something new this year, such as JavaScript.