Graduate IT Jobs in Surrey


As one of the Home Counties bordering London, Surrey is a popular choice for those looking to commute to the capital for work.

That’s not to do a disservice to the county itself, which has a formidable economy of its own and a strong presence in the electronics, healthcare and financial sectors.

Guildford has a strong student population of over 15,000 and is home to the University of Surrey. The town remains a popular destination for university study with its pleasant riverside walks and bustling theatre scene.

Outstanding Universities

The University of Surrey is one of the success stories of higher education in the UK. The University has stormed up the league tables in recent years and is ranked as a top 10 university overall whilst being firmly established inside the top 20 UK universities for Computer Science.

Students can enjoy excellent facilities, a remarkably green campus and close transport links to nearby London.

Job Opportunities

Surrey’s proximity to London means that one of the world’s largest technology economies is within easy commutable distance, though opportunities within the county itself are plentiful for Computer Science graduates.

Tech giants Toshiba, Canon, Samsung and Philips are all housed within the county and away from the electronics sector there is a diverse range of technology companies based within Kingston-upon-Thames and the Surrey Belt.