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Technology: Consulting & Project Management

The world of project management is varied and fast-paced. The role of a project manager is found across almost all industries and sectors. It is also a job that does not always require a specific type of degree. While graduates of business and project management degrees are an obvious choice, having one of these degrees is not a pre-requisite. Employers of graduate project management jobs are generally looking for a certain skillset that includes:

* Excellent organisation skills

* Interpersonal skills, including the ability to motivate people

* Strong communication and organisation skills

* The ability to make decisions under pressure

* Industry and technical knowledge of the project

Roles within project management can include:

* Assistant project manager

* Business change manager

* Junior/senior project manager

* Project coordinator

* Project officer

There are a number of project management graduate schemes across the country and in many industries including nuclear, finance, construction, mining and technology to name but a few. To stay ahead of the game sign up to receive our project management job alerts.

Graduate technology jobs

At STEM, we specialise in bringing graduates of science, technology, engineering and maths subjects together with employers looking for those with STEM qualifications and skills. Technology has changed our world and those with the right technical skills are in high demand. There are a number of graduate technology jobs that include:

* IT/application analyst

* Data analyst

* IT consultant

* Games developer

* Network engineer

* SEO specialist

* Software engineer

* Web developer

* Web designer

This is, of course, not an exhaustive list and there are many other job roles available in technology. Technology is so prolific in our lives that every business in every sector uses some kind of technology. For graduates, this means there are a wide variety of roles in almost every industry from finance to resources to charities.

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Automotive & Aerospace Graduate

Apply for the Best Automotive & Aerospace Graduate Jobs

An automotive engineering degree opens up several opportunities with a wide range of companies including manufacturers, Formula One, sport and design firms. As an automotive graduate the types of jobs you can apply for include:

  • Automotive engineer
  • Technician engineer 
  • Test driver 
  • Automotive design engineer 
  • Project manager 
  • Quality engineer  

This is not an exhaustive list and there are many other roles in the automotive industry that may not have been mentioned here. The types of skills needed for candidates who are looking for automotive graduate jobs include:

  • Knowledge of CAD 
  • Problem solving using mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, thermodynamic or pneumatic principles
  • Communication skills 
  • Ability to design around different key stakeholders e.g. government, customers, the public
  • Time management and organisation skills

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Aerospace engineering graduate jobs

Aerospace engineering graduate jobs break down into two major overlapping branches; aeronautical engineering - which takes in flight technology within the earth’s atmosphere - and astronautical engineering - which focusses on space technology. Our specialist aerospace graduate recruiters are also frequently able to identify graduate jobs in different industry sectors, dependent upon the modules that graduates have studied. Subjects such as thermodynamic, hydraulic and CAD related modules are highly sought after by a number of employers.

Many aerospace engineering graduate jobs are with large manufacturers, the armed forces, airline companies, NASA, the European Space Agency and the Civil Aviation Authority. This is a competitive industry and many employers are looking for candidates that have at least a 2:1. The type of roles aerospace engineering graduates can apply for include:

  • Aerospace engineer 
  • Maintenance engineer 
  • Manufacturing systems engineer 
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Test pilot 
  • Astronautical engineer

Aeronautical engineering graduate jobs 

Aeronautical engineering is mainly concerned with aircraft that fly within the earth’s atmosphere. This many include several types of aircraft such as commercial planes, military jets, helicopters and drones. Most jobs will sit within aircraft manufacturers, the military, research organisations and the CAA. With drones becoming an ever-increasing presence, there are now a number of roles for aeronautical engineers in drone companies or in organisations where drone use is a growing market (i.e. delivery companies.) 

How to find an automotive, aerospace or aeronautical graduate job

At STEM Graduates, we help place aeronautical engineering graduates with companies who are looking for candidates with the qualifications and skills found within those degrees. Take a look at our jobs above or contact us today

We also recruit for other engineering jobs such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering and electronic engineering. 


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