How Can I Make My Job Search More Effective? 3 Simple Tips

Job hunting isn’t easy and it doesn’t tend to be an undergraduate’s favorite hobby. If you feel like you’re trawling through jobs on the internet to no avail, check out our advice below on how to cut down the time spent searching but up the efficiency of the search itself.

1. Make Yourself Findable

From a recruitment agency point of a view one of the first places we look for candidates to fill a job is on job boards. Uploading your CV onto job boards and ticking the box to make it public means employers can identify your CV and get in touch with relevant roles. Some smaller employers cannot afford to advertise on big job boards and so you might not be able to find their roles. This way however, they can come directley to you. Remember to take your CV down when you do secure a job though, that way you won’t be approached further in the future.  


2. Keep It Broad At First

When starting a job search candidates tend to put in a specific location, job title and salary that they want- which is fine. If you’re sure that they are exactly what you want. But how can you be so sure?

If you keep your search broad location wise, you might find the perfect role which is a commutable distance away. Putting in a specific location will only bring up jobs tagged with that location, and you could miss out on great opportunities just outside of your desired area.

Job title wise, the job you are looking for might fall under a different title, or there could be a job opportunity for a Graduate that is more varied at first but will give you the opportunity to move more specifically into the job you want to do further down the line.

And salary wise, keep it broader still. It would be a real shame if you missed out on the job of your dreams because you were not willing go lower on the salary, especially if you would have been given salary increase to your desired amount 6 months later!

3.  Seek Help!

Job hunting can feel quite isolating and tedious, but there are many avenues for support and guidance. Number one? Friends and family. As well as helping with applications and CV’s your nearest and dearest may have contacts within companies who can advise you of job openings, or provide inside tips and advice. Your Careers Service at University can help you in abundance with specific training, in depth knowledge and valuable resources. Finally, you can sign up to a Recruitment Agency. Better still is if you can sign up to a Recruiter who tailors specifically to your desired industry, such as ourselves. Not only can we identify and put you forward to suitable jobs, we can handle the practicalities and offer support from the initial tests right through to final interviews. Plus, we like to think it’s nice to have one person to refer to at each stage of the job application process.

So, there you have it. 3 simple tips to make your job searching more effective. For more advice, check back on the Careers Hub, and for any questions feel free to get in touch with us. You can register your CV and job preferences here.

Written by Sophie Chadwick