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We can assist current University students prepare for their graduate job hunt. Our site lists graduate schemes that are open to applications from final year students along with internships and sandwich year placements.

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Receive advice, tips and guidance

Our graduate careers advice hub provides careers information that should be relevant at every stage of the job hunting process. This includes guidance on researching career choices, deciding when to apply for roles and how to prepare for an interview.

Compare graduate schemes

Students can conduct a “graduate scheme” search to reveal live opportunities with named employers. The companies are all targeting candidates from STEM degree disciplines and they interview applicants throughout the academic year. The graduate schemes often combine training and commercial roles. They are normally well remunerated and are highly sought after.

Applying for graduate schemes

The companies that are listing graduate schemes are named employers. Each graduate scheme description contains a link to a relevant application page on the employer’s site. You are encouraged to apply for graduate schemes directly with the employers as STEM Graduates has no further involvement in the application process

Approaching graduation?

From April onwards final-year students are in a position to apply for graduate jobs with an immediate start date. Our team of recruitment consultants are instructed by a wide range of companies to find suitable candidates for their roles. Our recruitment consultants indentify and screen applicants, presenting a shortlist of candidates to the employer. Most employers will want the applicants to begin work within 1 to 2 months and so there is little point in students applying prior to April.

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