STEM Graduates is one of the leading scientific and engineering graduate recruitment agencies in the UK.  We provide a scientific recruitment agency service alongside a renowned engineering recruitment consultancy service.  We work with employers who are looking to attract students and/or graduates from a Science, IT, Engineering or Maths discipline.  If you are a company hiring then please see the options below for how we work as a recruitment agency or you can talk with one of our recruitment consultants now on:

T: 0151 236 8000


How we can help

Advertise Vacancies

Advertise Vacancies

We provide a job board service to employers who want to receive direct applications from current STEM students.

Companies can place a graduate scheme advert on our site and also promote their brand through banner advertising or site sponsorship.

Graduate scheme adverts contain a link so that applicants are directed to the careers section on the company website.


How The Agency Works

How The Agency Works

We help companies who want to hire recent graduates.

Our website and marketing efforts ensure that we have access to more STEM candidates than any other recruiter.

We have specialist Recruitment Consultants who are able to introduce pre-screened CVs on a fee per placement basis.


Volume Attraction

Volume Attraction

We work with companies that have an ongoing requirement for students and/or graduates.

Companies are assigned an account manager from either our student sourcing team or our graduate hiring team.

We can promote opportunities to suitable candidates and/or pre-screen applicants dependent upon the requirements.

Our STEM Women team can assist companies who are keen to receive an equal number of male and female candidates.

Our Strengths

Specialist website

We manage the only UK site that focuses exclusively on graduate careers for candidates from STEM subjects. The site boasts outstanding search engine rankings for highly competitive search terms and is PC, tablet and mobile responsive.

STEM Social Media

We manage and maintain relevant communities across twitter, youtube, facebook and linkedin. Our accounts and groups have over 15,000 followers/members and co-exist alongside our main site to ensure that we are accessible to all STEM students and graduates.

Targeted candidate attraction

We have an in-depth knowledge of every STEM degree subject and know which type of candidate to target for each type of vacancy. We have established relationships with key university departments and can therefore promote job opportunities to the most appropriate students and graduates.

Focus on gender balance

We manage a sister site,, and produce content that targets female applicants from STEM disciplines. Our STEM Graduates site recieves an average of 49% female visitors.* Companies posting vacancies and employers using our recruitment agency service are more likely to receive an equal number of male and female candidates as a result.

*Data accurate as of 16/10/17, contact us for current figures at any time.