British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences


The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) is the professional body leading excellence in sport and exercise sciences through evidence-based practice. Their objectives include the promotion of research in sport and exercise sciences, the encouragement of evidence-based practice in sport and exercise sciences and the distribution of knowledge in sport and exercise sciences. The development and maintenance of high professional standards for those involved in sport and exercise sciences and the representation of the interests of sport and exercise sciences nationally and internationally.

Membership Opportunities, Award and Qualifications:

* Register to become a Chartered Scientist (CSci), a BASES High Performance Sport Accreditation (HPSA) and BASES Certified Exercise Practitioner.

* Being part of the largest sport and exercise sciences network in the UK

* Keep ahead of the field with leading edge BASES conferences and workshops

* A subscription to BASES' quarterly publication, The Sport and Exercise Scientist (Members living overseas have access to the on-line version only, available in the Member Area)

* Achieve nationally recognised accreditation as a sport and exercise scientist and be listed on the BASES Consultant Finder

* Accessing a Supervised Experience Scheme, which guides members towards accreditation

* Free attendance to BASES Division Days

* Receive up-to-date sport and exercise related news and information, plus information on regular job vacancies via the e-mail newsletter

* Opportunities for awards and international travel grant.


Tel: 0113 8126162

Contact through the website for membership enquiries.