Sophie Chadwick

Graduate IT Jobs in Exeter


Exeter’s cosy feel and long history combine well with its lively theatre and music scene. The countryside also lies in close proximity, making Exeter a hotspot for outdoor sports activities.

Almost 20,000 of the city’s 117,800 population are students and the University of Exeter’s fine academic reputation makes the area a popular choice for students.

Outstanding Universities

The University of Exeter is a member of the Russell Group and ranks inside the UK’s top 10 universities.

Students looking to gain a place on Exeter’s Computer Science course will require ABB-AAA at A-Level or 32-36 in the International Baccalaureate.

Job Opportunities

Contrary to popular belief, Exeter’s economy isn’t dependent on tourism and the University has been instrumental in the setup of the new Exeter Science Park. The establishment of the facility is expected to draw more technology companies to the area in the coming years.

Furthermore, Computer Science graduates from the University of Exeter are sought after elsewhere due to the institution’s standing among graduate employers.