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The Physiological Society have made significant contributions to our knowledge of biological systems and the treatment of disease. They promote physiology and support those working in the field by organizing world-class scientific meetings, offering grants for research, collaboration and international travel. The Society also runs events for the general public on how physiology relates to everyday life, and for students who may be considering physiology as a career. 

Membership Opportunities, Award and Qualifications:

As a Member of the Physiology Society you can:

Be eligible for grants to do with travel, attendance at scientific meetings and outreach projects.

Free online access to The Journal of Physiology, Experimental Physiology and Physiology News.

Join the largest network of physiologists in Europe, including online opportunities through our Member directory and links to member-specific initiatives.

Attend workshops in specialist research techniques and share best practice in teaching

There are a variety of prize lectures, education prizes and journal prizes available. They feel that recognition and reward in education and teaching is crucial. In reflection of this, The Society supports three prizes in Higher Education: two to recognise the best students and the other to recognise the best teacher. These include The Rob Clarke Awards, the Undergraduate Prize for Physiology and many more.

Website and Contact Information:

Tel: 0207 269 5710


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