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The Oil and Colour Chemists’ Association (OCCA) is the technical professional's organisation for members from coatings, ink, adhesives and an array of allied and associated industries. Established in 1918, OCCA is a vibrant and broad-based international organisation that has evolved and moved with the times over its almost 100 years in existence. As an organisation run by its members, for its members, OCCA gains greatly from such collective energy and enthusiasm. Members work together to devise and develop local programmes and major events and contribute to the management & running of the organisation in several ways.

Membership Opportunities, Award and Qualifications

As a Member of the Oil and Colour Chemists’ Association you can:

Gain technical education & learning outside of the company environment.Be involved in accredited training courses via BCF and PRA, which contributes to formalised Continuing Professional Development.Opportunity to progress to internationally recognised professional qualifications.Free subscription to bimonthly Surface Coatings International journal, featuring the latest technological advancesSocial networking opportunitiesThe range of awards include: Jordan Award, Stern Award, Kekwick Award and many more.

Website and Contact Information
Tel: +44 (0) 116 257 5488

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