Jodie Murray

Graduate IT Jobs in Oxford


The ancient and beautiful city of Oxford is synonymous globally as the location for its esteemed university.

Oxford has a small yet cosmopolitan feel and the city’s high student population (30,000 out of 152,000) add to the youthful and vibrant atmosphere.

Outstanding Universities

The University of Oxford is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and typical entry standards will require at least AAA at A-level.

Oxford’s Computer Science course is ranked within the UK’s top 3 and entry requirements mirror this. Students will need an A* in Mathematics or Computer Science at A-Level and A’s elsewhere across the board.

Oxford Brookes University presents another choice for students looking to study in the city and the institution has a solid reputation of its own, ranking in the UK’s top 50 for Computer Science.

Job Opportunities

The reputation of the University of Oxford is unsurprisingly a huge draw for companies looking to recruit the top technological graduate talent and the institution remains instrumental in the thriving science and technology economy within the area.

The well-established Oxford Science Park and Begbroke Science Park call the area home and Oxford has also managed to cement itself as a major digital innovation hotspot, helped by the Digital Oxford project which has contributed to the city’s rise to prominence as a tech start-up cluster.