6 Ways Recruitment Agencies Can Help You Find A Graduate Job

Final year of University is about as easy as skiing down a volcano on molten lava, blindfolded. And now you have to somehow find, apply to and secure a graduate job?! Not easy. Alas, we are here to help. Check out 6 ways that working with a recruitment agency can help you land that perfect job…

1. We Know The Field 

We're dab hands at finding amazing job vacancies, finding the perfect candidate, CV’s, cover letters, interviews, managing offers…the list goes on. We can navigate you through this process and report back to you on our findings and direct you forward. Think of us as your Sherpa. An added bonus comes from working with a specialised Recruitment Agency, such as ourselves. You get to work with Consultants who are experts in their field, (for us that’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths,) so finding you a job in, say Automotive Engineering, won’t be a problem.

2. We Are Committed

 Our job is to find you a job, it’s that simple. But we also want to make sure it’s the right job for you. That way our Clients trust us to find valuable long term employees to work for them and we get to see you secure your dream job. To be a Recruiter you have to be hardworking, resilient and dedicated- so trust us, you’re in safe hands.

3. We Have The Time

As I said before, this is our job. We are notorious for working long hours as we work around other businesses and around you. We have the hours to chase up your progress, sort out any problems with your application or online tests and do the practical talking for you- leaving you to press on with acing your University work!

4. We Can Help You Negotiate 

Very few students have any experience of receiving a formal job offer, let alone negotiating on the details! Job application processes, interview formats and the offer stage can differ from one company to another. It is likely that you will find each process to be unique and this can make you unsure of what to expect, and how to respond to a job offer. We can negotiate with your future employer on starting dates, salaries and just about anything else, to make sure both parties are happy with the arrangement.

5. We're A Friendly Voice 

Recruiters tend to like talking to people. In fact, it’s pretty important we like talking to people as it’s how we spend most of our day! A good recruiter will be very interested in what you want from a job, what your strongest skills are and what you think you can offer to a company. You can chat through ideas with us, ask us any questions about the market and use us for advice. We will also be the ones giving you feedback most of the time, and we like to think it’s nice to have one person to arrange everything through. 

6. We're Free!

Occasionally a worried undergraduate asks how much we will be charging them to find them a job. Never fear! It is the companies who pay us a fee to put our time into finding the best candidates and managing the practicalities of graduate recruitment, not you.  You don’t have to pay us anything at all. 

Written by Sophie Chadwick